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Have a go, try us out...

We offer THREE FREE HOURS of introductions. We come in person if possible, but we are just as good from the waist up.

Just pick one of the following and fill in the form...


Psychology, psychology, psychology. Guess what, we are all human beings. get a crash course on psychology you can use...tomorrow.


How does AI work? Why can't it tell the time? What does this mean for me today, tomorrow, next year? We get you up to speed on AI from the 1950's to the 2050's. Then you'll know...and you can make a start for yourself.


Messaging is easy, we just need to tell the right stories. We look at some great, and not so great stories and work out why they work.... then we can talk about how to do the same for you.

Pick a FREE session and fill out the form (this is not a button)
Can I have a free hour all about....

We can do three things to help you:

That's it - simple as. 

heartshaped AI

What is it? How does it work? What can I do with it? What can it do for me? All questions answered...

heartshaped PEOPLE 

If you want your people to GET ON, GET IT and then GET STUFF DONE, then we can get you there

heartshaped STORIES

I want to tell stories that make people THINK, FEEL and DO....and that they remember forever...

heartshaped PEOPLE

If you want your people to GET ON, GET IT and then GET STUFF DONE, then we can get you there.....


We run projects to help your staff TALK

We have worked with Big 5 Consultancies, UK Government, Airlines, Banks and FMCG

Programmes include:

  • Leadership development

  • Onboarding

  • Client/Customer Relationship Building

  • Challenging Conversations

  • Change Adoption

  • Inspire and motivate

  • and many more...

heartshaped AI

Learn. Strategise. Implement. Embed.
With over 50 years of multi-disciplinary professional services experience, our team will help you understand what AI can do for you, how you can do it, and how you can make it an everyday part of your business. We are certified by the University of Oxford and the University of Helsinki.

FIRST things first, take our 6 week AI programme:

  • Let one of your teams explore AI 

  • Develop tools that work for you

  • Understand what is next for you

  • University of Helsinki certified

  • Get a one hour FREE taster

We are as big/small as you need us to be...

We are all DOERS with years and years of problem solving behind us. We get in, get it done and get out again. We won't hang around longer than needed. It's your company not ours...

We specialize in -Digital Transformation - Change Management - Leadership Development - Message Creation - Data Analysis - Technology Implementation

Seen a lot of companies...met a lot of people

We have worked all over the place, helping numerous brands with messaging and structure. Banks, buliding societies, investment houses and big 5 consultancies, airlines, broadband and mobile providers, car companies, fintech, biotech, food, broadcasting and the UK government.

The more people we meet the more culture we soak up, the better it is for you.

heartshaped STORIES


Want to keep your staff, clients and customers happy forever?


Create, craft and tell stories that they will never forget... 

It's simple stuff. We have several programmes:

  • Create a story that works

  • Create visuals that stick

  • Create a message that resonates

  • Make moments that are magic

  • Get a one hour FREE taster


Happy people
 Healthy business
Heartshaped thinking

When your people are happy and your business is healthy 


Wanna know how?

heartshaped AI

heartshaped AI

Understand what is next

Understand what is next

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